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Our Testing Process

We have a modern testing lab of Rubber Specimens that is managed by trained Rubber Technologists. We conduct different tests with associations with NABL approved labs too to attain the perfect results.

Testing Equipment's Available

  • Rheometer: It shows curing and processing characteristics of rubber compounds to produce consistent compounds.
  • Tensile & Elongation:  It is used for deriving the Tensile Strength in percentage in MPA and Elongation form to ensure correct strength material.
  • Specific Gravity: High Precision Weight Balance is used for determining the Density or Specific Gravity of the Specimen to maintain their weight.
  • Abrasion: It is used for determining Abrasion Resistance of a Rubber sample against an Abrasive Cloth escalated on a Cylindrical Drum.
  • Heat Ageing: This shows the change in Physical Properties by creating Real-Life conditions within a confined chamber to make the product better to face the Environment.
  • Muffle Furnace: This is used for showing ASH Content of a Rubber Specimen that is checked as the Index of Added Minerals.

We mainly export to Europe, USA and Africa.